University of Warwick

Crystal Facilities Management have worked with Warwick University for over 3 years and were recently awarded a 5-year contract for cleaning services within the residential areas across the main campus and Wellesbourne campus. These include student accommodation cleaning for its student halls of residence as well as its staff accommodation.

Much of the work is carried out during peak times of the year, usually being the summer vacation (usually July-October), but sometimes is required over Easter and Christmas vacation periods.

Under this contract we also support with cleaning services throughout the year, to attend to miscellaneous tasks on an ad hoc basis required by the University. This may be at short notice as and when they identify areas for cleaning. In all instances, whether the works are planned or on an ad hoc basis, a full discussion of the requirement between the Contract Manager and the University take place before any work commences.

The start of summer vacation is the busiest time of year where lots of areas need to be cleaned quickly. We ensure all bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens are clean for new arrivals to move into. In many cases there is no alternative accommodation available, so work needs to be completed to a strict deadline to ensure new guests have clean rooms ready to move into.

We have worked at various halls to carry out one off deep cleans and conference services as follows;

Arthur Vick

This offers living for 396 students and is set around courtyards and gardens and has huge spacious kitchens with lounges.


ls one of the newer halls and consists of four blocks accommodating 505 students in flats of eight which is let for conferences during August to September.


This hall is divided into flats of eight for each block.


Consists of modern flats accommodating between 9-14 students. There are large open plan kitchens and dining areas that are included in the deep cleans.


Prior to being let for conferences this site requires a complete deep clean, including clearing any paint spillages, beds to be made and the conference items to be placed in the rooms as specified.

During the summer we appoint housekeeping Supervisors, Cleaning Supervisors, cleaning staff, quality controllers and rubbish removal teams to work around up to getting 1200 bed changes through very busy booking systems as tight as 24 hours.