Residential Compounds Cleaning Services in Saudi Arabia

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Crystal Facilities Management is excited to offer our hard and soft facilities management services to residential compounds in Saudi Arabia. With over 15 years of experience in the industry, we comprehend the unique needs and challenges of residential communities and pledge to offer quality solutions that fulfill these needs. We guarantee that our services design your residential compound to remain safe, comfortable, and welcoming for both residents and visitors.

Soft FM Services

At Crystal Facilities Management, we recognize the importance of creating a sense of community within residential compounds. We specifically design our soft facilities management services to create a warm, welcoming environment for residents.

Our services include:

How We Provide Tailored Services For Residential Compounds?

At Crystal Facilities Management, we understand that each residential compound has unique needs and requirements. That’s why we offer tailored solutions to ensure that your residential compound receives the services it needs to operate smoothly and efficiently. We work closely with our clients to understand their specific needs and create customized solutions that meet those needs. We also provide customized security solutions to maintain the safety and security of your residential compound, in addition to our specialist services. Our access control systems limit access to your compound to authorized personnel only, while our CCTV monitoring services offer around-the-clock surveillance to identify and deter criminal activity.

At Crystal Facilities Management, we commit to delivering tailored solutions that address the unique needs of every residential compound we serve. Our dedicated and skilled team focuses on providing high-quality services that guarantee the comfort and safety of your residents.

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What prices do you charge?

Our services are completely tailored to your needs and hence our prices differ depending on the size and scale. Get in touch and we will provide a free quote today.

Do we need to be present when the cleaning is carried out?

No, all of our staff are fully trained in working alone and our accreditations will ensure that all standards of quality and safety will be delivered.

What areas do you provide cleaning in?

We provide commercial cleaning in London and also all areas up and down the country.

What cleaning equipment do you use?

We only use the highest quality of products and equipment to ensure that all services are delivered to an optimum standard.