University of Leeds

The University of Leeds contract is a prestigious one for Crystal Facilities Management to be awarded as it has proved our capability in delivering to our promise over the course of 3 years whilst carrying out the annual summer deep cleaning to Central Village. Crystal Facilities Management were granted the contract for the cleaning of all common area of two halls within the residences; Central Village and St Mark’s both of which require a daily contracted cleaning service that is delivered within the scope of works agreed with the University. We also carry out four periodic cleans to both buildings as they are used heavily for conference business.

Central Village

Has 165 flats made up of: 943 single ensuites, 165 kitchens, 37 studio flats, 4 shared bathrooms. 7 lifts, 2 laundry rooms, common rooms, 2 gyms an IT resource centre and 2 reception areas along with multiple WC’s. It is the largest of the University’s residences and has high occupancy levels. There are 2 to 3 major annual turn rounds in the Summer between June and September, when students leave and the site offers accommodation to summer and language schools as well as conferences. The level of deep cleaning in kitchens can be quite extensive and required during tighter timescales in those summer months.

St Mark’s Residences

Has 90 flats made up of 526 single ensuites. 9O kitchens, 11 staircases, 10 lifts and lobbies a reception, a gym, an IT resource centre, a meeting room and multiple WC’s. St Mark’s Residences offers one the longest continuous rental contracts within the University’s owned accommodation. Because postgraduates remain on site for a period of 51 weeks, there is a short turnaround of when students check out, to when new students arrive, usually between 3-5 days. This means that sufficient thought needs to be given to the resources needed to deliver the exit cleaning requirements in shorter timescales. Crystal Facilities Management operate this contract with the fulfilment of 12 full time cleaning operatives, 2 supervisors and a dedicated on-site Contract Manager that is responsible for the planning of all daily, ad-hoc and periodic deep cleans that involve additional resources. We have had the experience of managing a successful TUPE transfer for this contract using our implementation plan in accordance with the University’s requirements.
We believe this to be a successful partnership with the University of Leeds based on a brilliant track record and proven capability in service delivery every year.