Falmouth University

The contract at the Falmouth University was awarded in Summer 2012 for a deep cleaning service, and a hotel service for conference guests and visitors. This contract was won again in 2015 and ever since, has been running successfully in partnership with Cornwall Plus. A full-time housekeeping team is placed with head house keepers to run the servicing of rooms that are let out to holiday makers over the Summer.

Our main objectives are time management and quality while carrying out multi tasked duties relating to cleaning and maintenance. It is our duty to ensure that the blocks are cleared from rubbish, deep cleaned and made ready for hotel and conference guests the next day. This means working closely with residents and site staff to ensure no disturbance is caused and everything is carried out within timescales given. We service 1,458 rooms at Glasney View which is broken down into three different phases and is completed over a six-day period.

Our responsibilities are:

  • To provide a programmed summer deep clean to all kitchens each serving approximately six to eight students in cluster flats. To provide an annual student room deep clean to 1,458 ensuite bedrooms and 300 kitchens.
  • To provide a sparkle clean to rooms required under the summer deep cleaning program.
  • To provide bulk rubbish removal services on an as required basis to dispose of furniture, mattresses, refrigerators and deep freezers under full certification.
  • To provide hotel service and prepare rooms ready for conference guests and holiday makers
  • To provide external window cleaning to the whole campus including the accommodation office.